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Your staff tell us about the jobs they do that are repetitive and time consuming. We take that information and use it to write custom programs that automatically do those tasks.


Our Approach

We contact the relevant individual or department to understand the process. We write code to replicate that process and package it into an application. Finally, we train staff how to use that application.


Our Mission

Refine’s mission is to automate the majority of the manual tasks staff perform on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Staff are happier because their work is less repetitive and management are happy because the automation has saved time and money.

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Our Services Explained

Report Automation

Without monitoring and reporting, many parts of your business are invisible to you. Reporting gives you the information you need to make informed decisions about your business. Information is presented in easy-to-understand, concise charts and tables.

Contact us to enhance the visibility of your business today and receive the information you want when you want it.

Intelligently manage your business with automation reporting.

Automation for staff

Staff show us the reports they create or the reports they want to be able to create. Refine takes this information and creates the report for them. Computer programs are written to automate the creation of the report and the programs are provided to the company enabling them to create the reports whenever they choose.

Additionally, we are often able to significantly improve upon the reports original design.

Automation for Management

Management explain to us what parts of the business they want to monitor and receive reports on. We take that information and investigate the data available through the various applications the platforms the company uses, such as accounting, sales, CRM and other software. We download and export the necessary data, package it into a easy-to-read report and then automate the creation process so management can acquire the data they need on demand at the click fo a button.

Type of Report

We can automate any type of report. From accounting documents through to Key Performance Indicators, rest assured Refine has you covered.

Applications and Format

We can automate any file types including, but not limited to, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, OpenOffice Calc or Apple Numbers.

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Chat Automation

Chat Automation happens when a customer asks a question and the system automatically responds to them with a message. Chat Automation can exist within Live Chat on your website or through automatic responses by email.

Automated responses do not require staff, so these systems save the company both time and money.

Automated Chat responds quicker than a staff member resulting in happier customers and higher conversion rates.

An automated response is preconfigured so you can be assured the response will be polite, professional and contain the correct information exactly how you would like it to be presented to the customer.

Semi-automated chat also exists, this is where the system does not automatically reply to the customer but preconfigured responses are still built into the system. A member of staff can then choose what preconfigured response to send to the customer without having to type in the response manually.

Live Chat

Before purchasing your product or service customers tend to ask many of the same questions to your staff. Staff have much of their time taken up by giving the same replies to the same questions.

Automated live chat solves this problem by replying automatically or allowing staff members to select preconfigured responses to send to the customer.

You can think of this like a live FAQ.


Automated emails let the customer know their email was received successfully. It also gives the customer reassurance that their question will be answer to in a timely manner, such as:

‘Thank you for your enquiry. We aim to respond within 24 hours.’

Use Chat Automation to modernise your customer communication today. It will help to convey a sense of punctuality and professionalism to you customers and increase the conversion rates of your business.

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Sales Automation

Sales automation is software functionality that automates the repetitive tasks that are key to building simple and profitable customer journeys. It’s often included as a feature of CRM software, lead generation software, and email marketing software.

There’s a range of digital tools that automate different parts of the sales process. From lead generation to sending follow up automated emails, sales automation software helps teams manage sales activities more efficiently and allocate more time to revenue-generating tasks.

Examples of the sales automation features include:

  • Scheduling meetings.
  • Sending personalized emails.
  • Prospecting.
  • Reporting.
  • Auto-dialing.
  • Chatbots.
  • Sales forecasting.

Sales Automation Features


Ensure that deals move forward at a good pace by automating reminders and notifications that alert sales teams of upcoming tasks.


Lead Management

Automatically analyse a lead’s behavior, then organize, score, and prioritize those leads before assigning them to the best sales rep.


This kind of automation covers everything from email, to chatbots, to appointment scheduling tools.

Data Entry

Automated data entry can auto-fill data like contact details and pricing models alleviating repetitive and time consuming tasks.

Record Keeping

Automatically create new profiles for leads engaging with your marketing materials, and store contact data in your CRM for easy access to all departments.


Automatically perform research of public information to search for new potential customers.

Activity Logging

Track emails sent, meetings scheduled, and phone calls made, so everyone can see how far a sales rep has progressed with a lead.

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Task Automation

Each day in your business administration staff are doing time-consuming and repetitive tasks that could be automated.

Automated tasks free up many hours that staff can use to focus on other activities such as revenue generation or improving their departement. Additionally, automation facilitates and simplifies scaling the business by reducing the dependence on more staff that have to be hired and managed.

Anything done on a computer can be automated, so contact us today to explain the repetitive processes your business does and allow us to formulate a solution and a costing for automating it.

Here are some examples of automation we have implemented for our clients.

Data Entry

Staff would search for new prospects online and enter the contact details and company information into their CRM system. We were able to automate both the data entry and the process for searching for new prospects. Staff we then able to focus more time on converting those leads.


The company we worked for generated many daily, weekly and monthly Key Performance Indicator reports to enable management to assess the business.

We exported the source files from various systems used by the company and received copies of the final Key Performance Indicator reports. By analysing the beginning and end of the process we were able to automate all the steps in between to automatically generate the KPI’s.


One company needed to reorganise years of historical files into a hierarchy of folders while simultaneously renaming the files. We were able to write an application that automated this process and saved the company hundred of hours of manual labour.

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Backup Automation

While not an exciting subject, backing up your data is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of a business.

Imagine the consequences of losing all the data on your computer, inside your company, on your website or all the sales contacts inside your CRM. While this does not commonly happen, it certainly can happen and the consequences of it can be devastating for your business and its reputation. You could even lose accounting data and be in breach of the legal requirements of your business jurisdiction.

Loss of data can come from many sources including, but not limited to, cyber attack, hardware failure or employee error.

Unfortunately management rarely think about how data is backed up because they are preoccupied with growing the business, which is understandable… we all want to progress the things we care about. Backing up data is even more important due to the fact of how regularly it is overlooked.

Fortunately backing up data is easy, so allow us to secure your business and your future by backing up the following data for you:

  • Files
  • Folders
  • Applications
  • Computers and Servers
  • Configuration Files
  • Online data
  • Website

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