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Facebook Ads Management Services

Facebook allows you to reach a wide variety of people

Facebook Advertising Examples

Grow your Facebook Page Likes

Using Facebook ads to grow your Facebook page with page likes from people who fit your customer profile is a great way to increase credibility and organic reach.

Sell Products with Facebook Ads

Our team have generated well over a million pounds worth of sales for our clients, using Facebook ads to generate online sales, whether it’s a product or service.

Generate Leads with Facebook Ads

With the right strategy, it’s possible to create a stready stream of quality leads for your business with Facebook advertising.

Drive App Installations with Facebook Ads

If you’ve got a mobile app, Facebook advertising is a great way to attract more installations and we can even help you invite users back to re-engage!

Facebook Advert Creation

Advert Creatives

Using our experience, your team will create adverts for you with a large variety of captions and imagery that will achieve the best possible results.

Audience Creation

With a wealth of options, we will trial different types of ads, including; new audiences, lookalike audiences and re-marketed audiences.

Custom Targeting

With a good understanding of your customers, we can target your ads based on interests, location, gender, age and more.

Facebook Pixel Set-Up

We have guides and can talk you through adding your Facebook pixel to your website, ensuring it is firing and collecting data.

Facebook Advertising Management

Daily Facebook Ad Monitoring

Your Facebook advertising will be monitored by our team on a daily basis, ensuring they see any potential improvements in real time.

Advert Optimising

Your team will be continuously fine tuning the adverts we create, running split tests to ensure we put budget behind the most effective campaigns.

Audience Optimising

Your team will analyse which segments of your audience is performing best and fine tune targeting to maximise results.

Extensive Facebook Ad Reporting

You will receive extensive, but simple to understand, reports – showing you how your adverts are performing, including a clear ROI.


What’s Included in Our Services?

Image, Link and Video Posts

We use all sorts of media to make your posts stand out and look great!.

Optimised Content Mix

We will put together an optimised mix of promotional, third party and engagement-focused social media posts for you.

Optimised Hashtags

We’ll ensure we use the right hashtags to maximise reach and exposure (not just the most popular tags)

Designated Account Manager

Pick up the phone at any time and speak to one of our team who will know your business inside out.

No Contracts

Cancel anytime, for any reason. We know that business owners need complete flexibility – we don’t have a problem with that.

Proactive Customer Support

We won’t just wait to hear from you. We’ll contact you to find out if there’s anything else we can do for you…regularly.

What our clients say

"Excellent Progress"

We have tried many agencies in the past, but we can only recommend one.
We have been working with Refine for one year. Our partnership is anchored on consistency and transparency.

There is always a team member who immediately responds and takes action. This open communication has built trust that contributes to the growth and success of both parties.

Tim Richshaw

Founder, GhostScape

"Knowledgeable Talent"

The best agency I have ever worked with. There response and speed are unmatched.
I have had many great experiences working with Refine Technology.

They provide me with a service that gets results and gives me peace of mind that my advertising is taken care of.
I can now focus on expanding my business, improving my services and increasing revenue.
Hannah Quesk

Founder, The Dubai Regency

"The Right Choice"

Refine Technology truly stands out as one of the best agencies out there.
We really respect Refine Technology's knowledge of Social Media Marketing and can't thank them enough for what they have done for our business.
We hightly recommend Refine Technology if you are looking to grow your audience and want to increase your sales.
Try them today, you'll be happy you did.
Randy Mullins

Founder, Curion



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